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This is based on experience gained by transferring the Word based original files of the BRHS to the Wiki pages.

Pages started in Main group

Here the HySafe website located.

Useful links

Here are some useful default pages installed along with the PmWiki software:

Inserting pictures and uploading images

  • To insert image that already exists elsewhere in web just place URL. See Images.
  • You can also upload pictures here. Every group has its own storage for files. See Uploads.
  • You can use action Attach to upload files. Or just append ?action=upload to URL.
  • Uploaded files are referenced as Attach:image.jpg.
  • If You have referenced not yet uploaded file, than instead of image You will see link, that follows to upload form.
  • Once image is uploaded it will appear on page.

More information about PmWiki can be found at

General structure

Information in PmWiki is organized in pages and groups.

  • Each page and group has its name.
  • Links to Wiki pages looks like GroupName/PageName.
  • If group is not specified link points to current group or to Main group.
  • If only group is specified than default page for group is shown.
    • Name for default group page is either the same as group name or HomePage.
  • Links to NonExistentPage display a form for page creation.

Security, authentication and authorisation.

  • Everybody can edit any page.
  • Each page keeps the full history of revisions.
    • It is possible to revert changes to any previous point.
  • Every page can has passwords for:
    • Reading
    • Editing
    • Changing passwords
  • Passwords can be set on three different levels:
    • Page level
    • If no page password is set, than Group password applies.
    • If no page and group password is set than Default password applies.
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Page last modified on May 05, 2008, at 03:04 PM