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Contributing Authors

Contributing author Main contributions Organisation
A. Kotchourko Chapter coordinator FZK
Structure of the reaction zone and flame temperature
Laminar burning velocity and laminar flame thickness
Dependence of laminar burning velocity on mixture composition, pressure and temperature
Flame stretch and effect of flame curvature, Markstein lengths
Flame cellular structure and wrinkling
Turbulence scales
Interaction between turbulence and flames: turbulent burning velocity
Borghi-diagram and interpretation of combustion regimes
A. Teodorczyk Effect of obstacles on flame propagation and pressure build up WUT
Effect of flow turbulence
A. Teodorczyk Fast deflagrations WUT
A. Teodorczyk Non-uniform mixtures deflagrations WUT
Accelerated flame propagation
Pressure waves from deflagrations: dependence on flame velocity and acceleration
Dynamics of flame propagation and pressure build up in closed space
A. Teodorczyk Deflagrations in tubes and in a system of connected vessels WUT
Amplification of pressure effect due to pre-compression (Mache effect)
Multi-peaks structure of pressure transients and underlying physical phenomena
D. Malkov Turbulence generated by venting process UU
Coherent deflagrations in a system enclosure-atmosphere and the role of external explosions
A. Teodorczyk Phenomenology of flame acceleration and deflagration to detonation transition WUT
A. Teodorczyk Effect of chemical composition, pressure, temperature, geometry, and system physical scale WUT
A. Kotchourko Criteria for spontaneous flame acceleration to supersonic flame speed FZK
A. Kotchourko Criteria for establishment of stable detonation FZK
Detonation direct initiation
Hugoniot curve
Chapman-Jouget detonation
Detonation limits
Detonation front structure
Detonation cell size
Detonation stability. Steady and unsteady detonations
Non-uniform mixtures detonations
Strategies in the prevention of detonation
Burke-Schumann flame structure
Turbulent diffusion jet flame: flame structure, specific features; scales and combustion regimes in turbulent non-premixed combustion
Relationship between flame height and fuel flow rate
Stable lifted flames and blow-out phenomenon
Jet fires in congested environment, effect of delayed ignition
Free jet laminar and turbulent diffusion flames
Triple flames
Combustion of inhomogeneous mixture in closed vessel and pressure build up
Algebraic and one-dimesional models
RANS models
LES models
D. Baraldi Eddy Break-up model JRC
D. Baraldi Flame Surface Density models JRC
D. BBaraldi The G-equation model JRC
Contributing reviewer Information reviewed Organisation
A. Ivanov All chapters ---

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