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CFD simulations in Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

High pressure hydrogen release experiments inside the storage room of a full scale model of a hydrogen refueling station were reported by Tanaka et al. (TanakaT:2005). Storage pressure was 40 MPa while nozzle diameters in the range 0.8-8 mm. The storage room with dimensions 6x5x4 m included 35 cylinders of 250 l capacity each. Ventilation openings of 1m height existed on all 4 sidewalls and where either 50% or 100% open. The time history of the average hydrogen concentration in the room was modelled usimg a simple gas accumulation model (CleaverRP:1994) and compared against the experimental data. It was found that the model is able to predict well the experimental concentrations in the experiments involving more slowly varying pressure (lower nozzle diameters), but tends to overpredict the concentrations for the higher nozzle diameter.


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